Ko Wai Ahau (booklet)

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Ko wai ahau? (Who am I?) - a personal safety plan for rangatahi/youth

This is the stapled version of the booklet (A6). Click here if you would prefer to order the folded version (A3 folded to A6, no staples).

Ko wai ahau? lets you make a personal plan that will help keep you safe during tough or challenging times. You can also create a list of trusted people you can reach out to when in need. 

Try to find a time when you’re feeling calm to make your plan. Ask a trusted mate, supportive whanau member, school counsellor or health worker to give you a hand. 

You can use your completed plan to help guide you when you’re feeling overwhelmed, help you get through tough times, give you hope and keep you safe. 

You can write your own thoughts and reflections in the interactive version of this resource, below. Download the interactive pdf and save to your device.


Click here to read more about Suicide Prevention. 


This is the stapled version of the booklet. See here if you would prefer to order the folded version (A3 folded to A6).